Helpful Angular 2 Information

Posted Mar 29, 2016

As promised, we’ve put together a list of informative webinars and resources to help you learn more about Angular 2. We’d prefer it if the applications that are submitted are using Angular 2, and we’ll even have some extra prize incentives!, the JavaScript design and development firm that built the Angular 2 Dev Tool for Chrome with the Angular core team, have offered a few different learning options to help get you up to speed.

New Webinar: Introduction to Angular 2 Components

Sign up here for this free online webinar happening April 25th.

An In-depth Angular 2 Video Series:

  1. The Decision Maker’s Guide: Why You Should Move to Angular 2
  2. Thinking in Angular 2: Key Angular 2 Concepts for JavaScript Developers
  3. Mastering Your Angular 2 Workflow with Batarangle, TypeScript, Webpack, and other Key Tools
  4. How to Start Using Angular 2 with Your Angular 1 Code Base

Intensive Angular 2 Online Course

Looking for something more involved? Learn Angular 2 best practices during a 2 - half day course online. You will learn project setup, build, styles, test driven development and other key concepts designed to get you up to speed, quickly, so you can use Angular 2 on your projects and during the competition.

Rangle is offering a 25% discount on the regular rate with promotional code: “AngularAttack”. You can learn more about the course and take advantage of your discount here.

There are some additional training materials here along with a starter project on GitHub.

Still want more? You can view other Angular Resources, including blog posts and tutorials.