Opbeat - Monitor the performance of your Angular apps

Posted May 13, 2016

Guest post by Vanja Cosic, Community Manager at Opbeat, an Angular Attack service sponsor

Performance monitoring is no longer just for backend apps. You can spend countless hours shaving off milliseconds from response times but if your frontend app has rendering bottlenecks, it will still feel slow to your customers.

Now you can get in-depth performance insights about your frontend app with Opbeat for AngularJS. It helps you pinpoint performance issues instantly and takes only minutes to set up.

Opbeat shows you an activity breakdown timeline of how your app renders, complete with AJAX calls, template rendering, and the digest cycle. This allows you to quickly spot where to start optimizing your code.

See how it works in the video below:


It's easy to get started by signing up for the free plan at Opbeat.com.

You can install Opbeat using npm

npm install opbeat-js

and include it in your project to start receiving insights about your application.

Read more in the documentation.