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Posted Jun 3, 2016

Guest post by (an AngularAttack Partner)

Angular 2 online training from is now free!

Learn Angular 2 best practices this June 15th & 16th from the experts who developed Augury (formerly Batarangle), the official Angular 2 DevTool for navigating, inspecting and debugging your Angular applications.

You will learn project setup, build, styles, test driven development and other key concepts designed to get you up to speed, quickly, so you can use Angular 2 on new and existing applications.

The training is offered as two 4-hour sessions that can be attended remotely from anywhere in the world, and is now FREE for Angular Attack members! All registrants will also receive a downloadable recording to access after the training.

Register FREE now!

There are also custom training options available to individuals and teams. Since every application is different, Rangle will tailor instruction directly to the needs of your project. That way you’ll see immediate value and results. From looming deadlines to meeting specific goals, you can now leverage Rangle’s expertise with laser focus. For custom training and other inquiries, please email [email protected]

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