Consisting of one programmer and one artist, we've created the Angular Attack Arcade Extraordinaire!

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Angular Attack Arcade Extraordinaire

Using the power of Phaser and Angular 2, we've created a fully functioning 90's Arcade experience. Not one, not two, but THREE (okay more like 2 1/2) games were created for YOUR enjoyment. It has great music and neat visual effects! Plus the games are fun too!

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Included within:
Angular Attacks
Debugger Panic
Kanye's Quest

**Although theoretically possible, not recommended for mobile phones - requires a PC with a decent graphics card. Requires keyboard/mouse.

** Chrome/Firefox only **





Technical Notes

On a technical note, a lot more is going on under the hood. Angular 2 gives you this incredible ability to make standalone components for your website. This you already know. And Phaser, despite how awesome it is as a game engine, didn't natively work very well with this approach. The component we created for this competition fixes and bridges these two systems very well effectively reducing the complexity of setup to about five lines of code. It also allows the Angular component and the Phaser game object to communicate effectively while keeping their code abstracted away from one another. I can't stress how important this becomes as your game code can be several hundred, if not thousands, of lines long.

After the competition has ended, everything will be broken down and simplified and available as open source to be released on Github. Thanks for your support, and thank you Google for the competition!


I've created a repo with a seed project for those of you who want to see how this whole thing works or even better - start making your own games! It's as simple as cloning the repo, doing an npm install and then a npm start. You can find it here. Remember, this was created AFTER the competition started, so no angry emails or scores please.


You know how to play games! Just enjoy yourself!

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