3 friends/developers from Netum Oy in Tampere, Finland

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We wanted to make a rogue-like game (heavily inspired by Konami's Cave Noir from 1991,) and we also wanted to avoid using a canvas, or a ready-made game engine, so we could play more with angular2's features (as opposed to writing a typescript game loop that just paints on the canvas.)

V800 screen shot 2016 05 17 at 20.28.28


This is a one-level, 2-room, roguelike dungeon crawler, where monsters hurt you if they bite you and you can hit them with your club.

Will not work on a mobile device (serious scaling issues and no tactile support :) )

Have a look at the code if you want to see how it's done (https://github.com/rumblex/angularattack2016-narwhal)


Follow the link, click the screen and play the game. Click on "readme!" if you need help or are curious.

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