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CordCutter's For The Win!!. "Analysis-Paralysis" is a frequent state of mind for cord cutters every day as they decide what to watch next. Fear not, "CordCutter's Haven" is here to the rescue.

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"CordCutter's Haven" gives you an avenue for rapid analysis on a movie data set since the Genesis. It offers an intuitive facet based filtering along with full text search over metadata like movie title, plot, year, cast, director, literally anything related to movie domain.

Facets are the perfect "Razor" to shave out what you don't like and full text search gives that extra push to get what you really like, and all this blazingly fast (powered by elasticsearch).

Next Steps

  • Fix facet issues
  • Integrate year slider
  • Support partial and fuzzy search
  • Support auto complete
  • Implement Movie Details pop-up
  • Implement Movie Metadata view on hover
  • Integrate with youtube API to show trailers of a selected movie
  • Integrate with sound based APIs to show soundtracks of a selected movie


It works best on Chrome on wide screen monitor. The first load seems to be a little slow (please give it a few seconds to load) but it works fine after that. After typing the search term please hit enter/return key to perform the search.

Year filter is functional but has NOT been yet integrated with backend :(

Built With

Tech Stack : Angular2, Typescript, Spring-boot, ElasticSearch, Pivotal Cloud Foundry (Free tier), Jquery, ng2Material, Chartist,NoUISlider,Chartist, bootstrap, fontawesome, Google WebFont,STS, spring boot starter project (rest + elasticsearcg).

DATA: All the movie info was from : The metadata was downloaded from :

Utilities style generators:,

Free tier at cloud foundry: to deploy spring boot based service using elasticsearch. Please let us know if you need credentials for this account.

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