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Mexico city based developers. We hear about Angular Attack and decided to try Angular 2 for the first time (sure, we had done tour of heroes, but nothing more). We love to explore all new technologies and there is no better way to explore one than giving 48 hours to develop something nice with one of them.

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Barman is a proof of concept about different scale map integration. Maps planned for travelling are very different from maps planned for interaction, but they must be connected in a way useful to the user.

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Barman is about map integration and map interaction. Maps doesn't have to look the same, doesn't even have to look like maps in a traditional sense, maps are about understanding and interacting with the space around us. It is about information persistence, what you do in one map must be available in the others as the subject in both maps is the same, you!

This app allows you to connect some items in the general map to be used later on and displays what you have collected so far. We know it looks like a game, but it is more like enhancing maps to have fun with them.

So, why did we choose the name Barman?

Well we thought that it will be a great use for this app to orden drinks in a bar and see how the main character get drunk in the map as we do in real life.


Use the arrows (←,↑,→,↓) to move on map. When app start you are on the general map, that shows it is active by displaying a red border. You can do actions with the 'x' key, when you are over a place's marker actions means enter the spot and enabling the internal map, that show on the right, if you are over an item action means collecting it. After entering some spot you have to click the main map to get back to it.

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We use Keypress for key logging and Google Maps for the general map. The images used are not our own, we found them on the internet.

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