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Add the power of Scrum to your GitHub projects! It has never been easier :)

V800 scrummingbird


You like to organize your issues using GitHub but would like to easily stick to a Scrum based method? We will support you by enhancing GitHub "through" adding advanced features which implement a Scrum oriented view your GitHub issues! With using Scrummingbird you can easily define your sprints and make use of a backlog where you can organize issues of you and of users of your library or project as well!


  • Use Chrome
  • Login with Github Click on "Repositories" in the Header:
    You will see all repositories you have access to. Select the repository you want to scrumify! We will enhance GitHub's native issue tracking system by adding the ability to structure your issues in sprints.

After you choose one Repository, you can create Sprints and assign issues to your defined sprints. This will help you to structure your working process. All new issues will appear in the "Backlog" section of this page. When you click on an issue, you can add a label which represents the guessed amount of time you think the issue will take to solve. You can assign issues to milestones as well by using the input "typeahead". Issues could be easy assigned to a collaborator.

Each user has a My Task section: here he gets an simple overview with all Issues that are related to him

View the screencast:

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-angular-cli -angularfire2 -ng2-bootstrap -

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