Let your colors shine, The duck race begins. Quack Quack !!

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The Duck Hunters

Pick a color, Mark you territory and Defend it overtime.

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Duck hunters is a realtime multiplayer game where each player can compete with others to occupy maximum area in the canvas. They can choose the color to mark their territory and push themselves to top of the leader board. A player's color can be overridden by the other so the player must keep on defending their territory. Going offline does not remove them from the canvas so they can continue their territory later on as well but still it is exposed for taking by other players.


Note: To play the game you must login with your google account.

Goto: https://theduckhunters.2016.angularattack.io

After you log in please follow the instructions given below

  1. Select a color to hunt
  2. If you are not yet satisfied you can shuffle the color
  3. Click the button Lets go to join the game
  4. Move the ducks with the arrow as shown
  5. Start hunting the duck and leave your mark on the way
  6. Be aware, other ducks are following you too
  7. Repaint their paths to earn back your points
  8. Check your score on the leader dashboard
  9. User with maximum score will lead

Note: The game has a limit of 5 players at a time.

Built With

  1. socket.io
  2. nodejs
  3. angular2
  4. Typescript
  5. Webpack
  6. Firebase

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