we are programmers, designers and enthusiastic people, who really like their job. we live in beautiful city of Ukraine, in Kharkiv, and we believe this project can help people to get real information about products, to make a right choice.

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Let's verify

Have a question about the product? Don’t know what to choose? Just take your phone and try to scan the QR code, or fill the form :)

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List of features:

  • sign-in, sign-up
  • admin panel for company
  • products (CRUD)
  • generate PDF (A4) with QR codes (QR code includes link to public page with information about the product)
  • products page (public information, reviews, hits, likes, etc.)
  • add review (for now everybody can do that, without sign-in)
  • find product by PIN (each product has a uniq PIN)

Little description

Why do you need this?

Let's imagine, you have your own company, and you want to track how often people choose your products, you want to see real reviews (comments), you want to show people more information about the product, about the company.

Ok, and now let's think about it like a customer. You see a lot of products in supermarkets, and you don't know which are the best. Just take your phone and try to scan the QR code, and that's all :) You can get real information, pictures, reviews.

This question is really important for us, for our country. And we believe that our idea can help people, and can increase competition between companies, which will undoubtedly improve the quality of products.

Development process




Quick Demo

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Built With


  • angular-ui-bootstrap
  • angular-ui-router
  • angular-resource
  • angular-loading-bar
  • angular-local-storage
  • angular-toastr


  • Rails 4.2.6
  • Ruby 2.3.0
  • Grape, Grape Entity, Swagger (API and documentation)
  • Memcached (to cache API responses)
  • Wicked PDF (wkhtmltopdf)
  • rqrcode (QR codes generator)
  • ElasticSearch, Chewy
  • Postgresql
  • Cloudinary (to store and convert images)
  • Heroku (hosting)
  • Puma (web server)

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