Hello Thanks for stopping by! We're two 16 years old developers located in Germany. To be honest, we were not really innovative, but very productive! As we both are huge fans of the Material Design, we decided to build some powerful and lightweight components. Instead of using as many libraries as possible, we're trying to minimize the amount of external libraries. All the animations, gestures and logics are handcrafted and optimized at their best.

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Modern Material Components

You want to include a step-by-step tutorial or a videoplayer in your app and don't want to spend too much time? The Modern Material Components are the answer!

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This is something like a library of good-looking Material components.

Well, it wasn't really much to show, but we would like you to take a more accurate look at the source.
We're using the Angular API really well - Animation Builder API - View Children - Change Detection - Element Rendering

To be honest, we weren't that innovative, but definitely super productive!

With our components you do not have to mess around with complex animations or code structure anymore. We minified the code you have to include:

  • A videoplayer with all functions seen in the preview on page 3:

<md-player [src]="videoURL"></md-player>

  • A stepper (page 2):
      <md-step label="Introduction" optional="true|false">
        ...step content
        ....You can include more steps like above.
  • A slider (page 4):

<md-slider [vertical]="true|false"></md-slider>

You can review our code we've written in our github repository. The code has a strict copyright and distribution or change of the code is not allowed. https://github.com/rumblex/angularattack2016-wingo-team


It would be great if a professional judge takes a look, who has a strong knowledge with Material Design and clean / perfect code. We put a lot of value in the source of our Angular 2 components. Those are using the Angular API really well.

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