We are 4 Italian students at I.T.I.S. Castelli (BS). Our Team name is a tribute to the Pizza, an Italian food famous through all over the world.

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A puzzle game about.. (guess what?!) ..PIZZA !

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GeeGee is a fantastic game realized for the AngularAttack competition. It consists in a puzzle game in which your goal is to collect all the pizzas available respecting a "moves-pattern"


  • Your goal is to eat all the pizzas but remember: you can move inside the grid like the horse in the game of chess (L moves).

  • Every pizza you get you will earn 10 points but every empty tile you click on, you'll lose 10.

  • If you see a shaking tile, try to reach it: it will give you some extra points!

  • Instructions are provided also at the start of the game.

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