We work together in some corpo in Warsaw, Poland. We are Pat and Crisp.

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Horhe - school finance helper

It is a tool that helps to manage the class budget. Keep everything for you in one place. Information available any time, day or night.

V800 horhe


With that tool you can entry information about: - school and class - class board (3 people who leads school class issues) - students - premiums

Future functionalities to implement: - authorization (auth0) with data on firbase - assign student to premium - send notification to parents informing about new premium, etc...

That version of application is in basic version. We wanted to cover ng2 features like: - components - services - routing - get and post data to local api

It's bad but there is no authorization implemented - no time, sorry.

It was tested on Chrome and Firefox. Should be RWD.


  1. go to app
  2. add class
  3. add class board member
  4. add student
  5. add event
  6. see user profile

Built With

It's built with html5, css3, ng2. Used "components": - angular material, - angular material 2 - material fonts - material colors

Project was build using angular cli.

There was not paid services used.

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