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Code online now, online editor & file system for frontend engineer, built entirely with Angular 2.0

V800      2016 05 17   10.01.20


Naza Editor is a free platform for frontend engineer, you can code online and manage your files on it.



  1. Sign Up and Login
  2. Then you can create your own files such as html, css, javascript
  3. You can edit your file online and save it
  4. You can even create folder to archive your files


  • Because the backend of this app is free, some api may return a bit slowly, be patient :)
  • The database might be truncated at anytime, because of its limited space, so if you cannot login, please try to sign up again.
  • If you cannot even sign up, please contact us, it means we need to truncate our database, because it exceed its max space limit :(
  • There will be a bug when you try to delete folders, we will fix it after angular attack ends


Chrome will give you best user experience

View the screencast:

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Server side is running on Heroku of Free Plan, you can find all server side files in the server folder

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