Just some brazilian friends trying to learn Angular 2.

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Clash of Hashtags

CLASH OF HASHTAGS - Twitter hashtag battle :+1:

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Clash of hashtags is an application to set Twitter hashtag battles! You can check which tag is most twitted! Is it #men or #women? #ironman or #captainamerica? We're brazilians, so you may know that we're in a political crisis. In that case, is it #impeachment or #naovaitergolpe ("There will be no coup d'état")?


To use it

  1. Enter here
  2. Click on "Start now"
  3. Fill out the two text fields
  4. Click on "FIGHT!"
  5. Sit and enjoy!

obs: If you want to set another battle, click on "Restart"

Known issues

  • The app is not responsive. Nowadays it works only on desktop
  • The Router configuration should be improved. Nowadays it is not possible to reload the app (on production) on the battle and about page. It returns 404 error

  • The app is not showing the input content in Firefox browers


We forgot to include twitter logo, truly sorry!

View the screencast:

Built With

  • Twitter API
  • Heroku
  • express
  • express-http-proxy
  • ElasticProgress
  • Bootstrap

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