Generate your always aspiring Color Scheme with jaw-dropping feature list.

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Color Schemr

Generate your always aspiring Color Scheme with jaw-dropping feature list.

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Color Schemr helps in generating Color Palettes one will fall in love with.

It helps in focusing more on product and rather than indulging one over deciding the theme.

It has a lot of amazing features, which enable a user to refine the colors as per the requirements. Those are:

Color Schemr

  • Generating loving palettes by just hitting the keyboard spacebar.

  • Add color strip to front / last, Remove any strip at any time.

  • Extract the specific colors out of full range of colors (255 * 255 * 255) i.e. specify component(s) [R/G/B] to get colorful pixels out.

  • Freeze a color strip by locking it to restrict updating the color next time one hits the spacebar, unlock to restore the state back.

  • Know the strip's RGB and HEX codes.

  • Adjust opacity of any strip.

  • Global settings to lock / unlock / specify RGB range, disco / piano mode, and Previewer mode.

  • Key bindings - to update a particular strip color, just hit the corresponding num key, 1 for the first one, 2 for the second and so on. (Remember: 0 is for 1oth strip).

Know more about here -


  • Hitting the main url will open up the Landing Page. Color Schemr offers a good range of features. One can read about them on LP.
  • Navigate to the main app or visit the about section to know more about the developers and a bit about our app.
  • While on the main app's page, one can simply view the default random generated Color Palette, a random color quote along with a bunch of controls.


  • Hitting spacebar each time will generate a new color palette along with each strips' RGB and HEX code.

  • Hover over a Strip to get more controls over it. One can lock a strip by clicking on a strip to restrict a strip's color getting updated on pressing spacebar from that point onwards. Unlock the same to restore the original state.

  • Adjust opacity by dragging the slider, by default the opacity is 1 i.e. rgba's a is set to 1.

  • By default R,G and B components of a color are set to true which means color could be any, selecting / deselecting particular component will result in generating colors from that range only. Eg: Only R component will generate the colors having the RED component only, similarly R and G will generate colors having Re and Green Component and so on...

  • While hovering, one can opt to remove strip by clicking on a close icon on top right of each hovered strip.

  • Click on plus icon on the leftmost to add a strip to the front.

  • Click on plus icon on the rightmost to add a strip to the last.

  • Bar above the strip is Global settings which will apply to all the strips. For eg: selecting just the B component of RGB will result in a generation of colors with just blue variants. Similarly for Lock / Unlock.

  • Switching on the Disco mode will result in auto-generation of color palettes in an interval of 1 second.

  • Switching on the Piano mode will result in auto-updating of random strip's color in a loop.

  • Toggling Preview mode helps use to preview how the colors would look on a very minimalistic template.

That's all ! Enjoy our app and Please vote / share if you find it useful / having fun or any other reason which we would love to hear :)

Note: Currently only web is supported since we forgot to add the touch events for mobile, otherwise it's responsive. Also, for getting a nice color quote each time one presses spacebar, the site should be on http protocol, otherwise https works fine.

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  • TypeScript, ES6 being used to write the entire code

Tutorials - Video / Otheres

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Theme & Landing Page Template Help

Fonts and Icons

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Google Analytics

IDE - (The most important thing we always forget to mention :D)

  • Sublime Text 3 + bunch of plugins - by Varun Malhotra
  • Webstorm - by Gaurav Nanda

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