Gian Luca Scoccia & Alessio d'Arielli. Amazing people for amazing projects. We are a duo of Web and Mobile developers based in Italy. In our spare time we try to make cool stuff!

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Route planner app for electric cars

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GoGreen is a route planner app for electric cars. Type in your start location and your destination and GoGreen will plan the best route taking into consideration needed stops in recharge points, according to your car autonomy.


Wait until map is loaded. Insert Starting point, destination and car's autonomy into the fields with the same name. Click go! Computed route will load! Scroll down for route stats!

Allow geolocation! (should work anyway but you know...) Be sure to access trough https. We tested on Safari, Opera and Chrome. We mostly tested with routes between european cities, should work for US too, Asia and Africa have too little recharge stations to really plan effective routes.

Due to timing constraints some data in the stats section is mocked (the goals, shaped like circles). Also, css could have used some more tweaking (especially for mobile).

Built With

We started from this angular starter:

Lots and lots of bower components! jquery Materialize angular.js angular-materialize.js angular-route.js leaflet.js angularjs-geolocation ngAutocomplete angularjs-google-directions leaflet-routing-machine angular-count-to

Materialize for ui elements Google Maps Geocoding and Directions API for charging stations positions

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