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NgTube is a Youtube Player using the public Youtube API.

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It's always annoying when you have to stop watching your video when you want to search for other videos. The Youtube mobile application solves this problem by having a small size player on the bottom right of your screen. This application takes this idea and brings it to desktop.

Real size screenshot:


NgTube is not really responsive on small screens. Its main goal is to work on bigger screen with some functionalities from the youtube mobile application.

User guide

Research and results

First thing is making your search in the upper navigation bar: results appears in a grid of at most 3 videos a line.

You can now select:

  • play a video by clicking on the thumbnail
  • read the description by clicking on the video's title
  • add this video to your playlist

Footer commands

Once a video is selected, commands will be available.

  • Stop/Play: usual usage
  • Repeat mode: [ None | Single song | Playlist ]. None is the white one.
  • Previous/Next song:
  • Mute/Unmute and sound equalizer
  • Video quality: the ones only available for this video (from 144p to 4K)
  • Cinema mode: set a dark background when player is maximized
  • Maximize/minimize: turn the player to a small tile at the bottom right, player is still usable
  • Add to playlist: add the current video at the end of the playlist

Youtube player's buttons and footer ones are synchronized. Except for the volume. There is no way to listen volume change on the youtube player.


A single, anonymous, playlist can be created by a user. Its state is stored on the client (localStorage) browser and is restored at application launch.

  • Empty the playlist: it is a one step action and undo is not available
  • Remove a video: by clicking the cross on the tile
  • Move in playlist: by clicking the up/down arrows on the video
  • Select a video: by clicking the tile anywhere else

Possible known bugs

The Youtube Player API may emit events in loop sometimes, making our controls go crazy, if it happens, click on another video.

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