A color tool for web designers - upload a photo and quickly get a palette of 5 of the most common colors in the photo - hex and RGBA values, color-name css classes, SCSS variables, type and background color samples.

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Color Fish

A color tool for web designers - upload a photo and quickly get a 5 color pallette and generated CSS. This is our first build in Angular 2, enjoy!

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Angular 2 by @max @andalex @Al-she for creating an accurate 5 color palette from the predominant colors in a photo.

Once we have used our algorithm to determine the colors, we generate HEX and RGBA values, SCSS variables, and CSS with classnames using color-namer -- in either HEX or RGBA.

A great tool for grabbing a palette to use in your web projects.

Looking for collaborators when we revisit this ! anyone who commented with interest please get in touch via github we would love to take this app further.


Please run our app in Chrome, since that is all we had time to test for. Upload any image file to the upload button then see your color palette results and go to the fish result template to see different color designs of your palette.

View the screencast:

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