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Daily Menu Board

Aggregates daily lunch offerings of nearby restaurants.

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We often had the problem that we had to open 4-5 webpages to decide where to go to have a lunch. Every website publishes its daily menu offering in a unique format. Therefore this little application might be useful.


Tested with Chrome and FF. 2 restaurants are pre-filled. Another two can be added. We plan to implement more user friendly features in the near future.

Built With

Angular2-Webpack-Starter including - angular 2.0 RC 1 (starting with) with TypeScript - rxjs - webpack - karma - istanbul - protractor etc.

  • bootstrap-sass
  • angular2-google-maps
  • angular2-bootstrap-confirm
  • jquery (with jquery.xdomainajax.js as custom plugin)
  • font-awesome
  • angular2-grid
  • ng2-translate
  • angular2-color-picker
  • wgxpath
  • timeline

Tools: - Chrome - Atom + atom-typescript

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