We are a team of 3 people from Vietnam, China and Russia. We aim to create an education app to help people learn Japanese.

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Hi ひらがな (Hi Hiragana)

This is an app to help people learn the Hiragana characters with simple questions.

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This app helps people learning Hiragana using images, audio and video. With each question, this app will ask you a question using text, audio, images and videos. The questions are arranged from easy to difficult ones.

There is a Hiragana chart that you can always use to look up a specific character.

You answer a question by picking up the right character(s) from the list provided.


  • Visit our app: http://global-angular.2016.angularattack.io/ and click on “Let’s get started” button.
  • Pick an answer from the character list (here is your cheatsheet )
  • You can click the “Character list” to see the list of characters in Hiragana.
  • Depending on the question, it can play audio and video, or display a picture.
  • There are 50 questions, all of the questions are created by our team.
  • You receive 10 points for each correct answer.

Built With

Libraries: * Angular 2 * RxJS * SystemJS * Typescript * Zone * FontAwesome * Bootstrap.

Images and videos: Pixabay.com

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