Two climbers in New York trying out Angular and building some stuff.

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Viking League Tracker

Our first attempt to use angular by building a simple app to track rock-climbing league scores and leaderboards.

V800 pinches


A climbing league is made up of teams of climbers. The climbers perform climbs and then tally up their scores. The site is supposed to make it easy to calculate and see the winning teams and climber leaderboard.

There is an admin section where teams, climbers, and scores can be updated.

If one had more time, we would enhance the site such that individual climb details can be logged and viewed, and introduce proper authentication.

PLEASE NOTE: Since the site's Admin features currently are open to the public, other people may have manipulated the test data we left for you.


The app is fairly simple. You can create a team, team members, and update scores. The scores and climbers display ranked. You can click on teams to view team details.

Loading can take 10 seconds or so initially.

Built With

Angular, Typescript, Firebase, Bootstrap CSS

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