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YAPP - Yet Another Planning Poker

A simple Planning poker app using a firebase backend. Future iterations will integrate with Jira to save the results back to save time.

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This app is another simple planning poker app. Planning poker is a process commonly used in agile software teams in order to estimate the effort required to do work on a specific task. This app helps to facilitate that process by allowing everyone in the room to select a card that is unknown until the room creator reveals everyone's votes.


For this to be valuable, grab a few friends or coworkers.


Pick one coworker (scrum master or product owner), to start up the app by clicking the blue 'get started' button. There, the scrum master/product owner will be able to enter his or her username, and then start adding ticket descriptions in the input box below. Clicking on the green plus button will create additonal tickets to name. These will be the tickets that are voted on.

NOTE: the tickets are stored, but are not yet used during the planning portion yet.

coworkers join room

In the bottom right there is a 'link' textbox, this is the roomID that you can give to your coworkers. They can join by going to yapp.2016.angularattack.io/Poker/(roomID)


Users who join will be able to select one of the 10 cards to vote with (ticket is currently not displayed). When anyone votes (including yourself), you will immediately see a face down card appear on the board. Even though it is face down, you can still change your vote until cards are revealed.

revealing cards

When everyone has finished voting, the scrum master/PO who created the room (and only he/she) can click the 'done voting' button which reveals everyones votes.

Features I didn't get to

This app isn't feature complete, but is functioning for a single round of voting. In the future, this app will support as many rounds of voting as their were tickets entered, the tickets will be displayed, other users will be prompted for a username, and those users will be displayed on the right panel once in the poker room. Eventually, I would also like to integrate this app with the Jira API so that the results of the estimating can be saved directly back to their corresponding Jira ticket, to save time :)

and of course, there needs to be more visual polish as well.

Built With

  • Angular2
  • AngularFire2
  • Firebase
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular-CLI
  • surge hosting
  • Typsescript

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