Google Developer Group organizers from GDG-X. Looking to build tools for the global meetup organizer audience.

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Our app is built for Meetup organizers around the world. For this event, we're hosting it for AngularJS meetups (via Topic). However, the app is designed to be deployed to multiple instances. Each instance can configure a different topic like Kubernetes, JavaScript, NodeJS, Cooking, Arts, etc. Then through the API we pull back data to display Meetup groups from around the world.

Our plan is to build a rich set of tools for meetup group owners to communicate with their members, add extended-value content to their community not available on meetup, gather web analytics and reporting on meeting metrics, and manage events and social media directly from our tool.

The app generates a website from data and allows for an admin to change the promo image/title/description that is displayed on the About page (currently configured for AngularCamp). The description of the community can be pulled from the API or provided by the site admin.

Ideally, users could look at different groups including a description of the group, event listings, find them on a map, and check out their sponsors. For this submission though, these are hard coded to only work for GDG Kansas City since we ran into issues with the Angular 2 Router.

We have Google OAuth 2 login via Firebase, but we did not get to the features that would require you to be logged in. Those are planned to be the ability for the Community admin to manage blog posts, each chapter organizer to contribute to a chapter blog, and eventually the ability to post events to your own Meetup from our site.


The app is built for and tested with the latest Chrome browser.

The landing page informs you about the global community around a single topic. There is a description of the community and a listing of total members from Then there is a promo section that is configurable by the community admin. At the bottom, you can navigate to the global meetup listing for the topic. There is the option to login via Google OAuth 2, but there aren't any features that require login at this time.

The Code of Conduct page establishes an open, welcoming, safe, and comfortable environment for all community members. It also serves as a reference when concerns arise and there is concern whether a behavior was appropriate or not.

The groups page displays all of the meetups for the site's topic on a map. This allows the public to find a meetup near them or where they may be traveling to. There is also a list of all meetups below the map. This allows for faster searching if you know the partial name of the group. Clicking on a list item or the link in the map marker should take you to the specific group page that you selected. This page is generated by our app from data in the API.

Currently, while a lot of the group data is actually pulled from the API, we didn't get the dynamic changing of groups working. So everything comes up with GDG Kansas City.

That said, on the specific group page, you are able to read a description of the meetup group and view the group’s upcoming events. Additionally, the meetup group’s sponsors are displayed with images, links, and a description of how they are supporting the community.

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