Team Rango consists of Aaron Roberson, James Wood, Jr. Shikher Aatrey and Lino Gomez. Aaron and James focused on JavaScript development using Angular2 while Aatrey and Lino focused on the application interface using Material Design.

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Rango - The relative position or standing of things or especially persons in a society.

Connect with other developers and showcase your open-source contributions, badges, votes, followers, skills and report cards from multiple platforms such as Github, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Code School and Gitter.

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Rango's mission is to promote collaboration and open-source contributions by connecting developers together and providing a stage for showcasing coding accomplishments, community badges, votes, followers, work experience, skills and report cards from multiple platforms such as Github, StackOverflow, LinkedIn, Code School, and Gitter.


Please visit and login using your Github account. Once logged in, please refresh the browser to work around a bug that prevents the menu items from working. On the dashboard, you will observe your latest public Github activity such as git pushes, starring and watching repositories as well as StackOverflow activity relevant to your profession. You can navigate to your account or the Connections views to connect other accounts such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Gitter. In the header, you can enter a github username to search for that user. The search results page will display all matching users and allow you to follow them (Screen resolution must be below 1200px wide or the list of users will be hidden by the menu) . Given more time, we would have loved to provide a method for viewing the profiles of the coders you've followed and begin interacting with them or just having their coding activities show up on your dashboard.

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Material 2 Material Design Light ( Auth0 and the Angular Starter Kit ( StackExchance JavaScript SDK ( Rango movie quotes and images from Google search.

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