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"Express more by composing video channel." Learnio is open platform where people can create and manage a set of videos for presentation or playlist purpose.

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For current day, Most of developer using videos to learn new skill or watch the video to resolve the issue. While searching very useful videos on youtube/vimeo or any other site. it's tedious task because we have to watch the whole video's list. Sometimes happened that the videos that you have watched are so useful to learn the skill that you wanted so we can composite in a single chanel. Basically we are trying to make simple solution where people group the some useful video for particular skill and then people share it with publicly so it will be help to the other people to watch and acquire that skill.

For example if Angular2 has 200 videos on youtube and vimeo then i will figure out best 15 videos and make Angular2 channel on Learnio and easily share it with publicly.


1: Create Channel
2: Add videos to channel from youtube or vimeo
3: List your channel
4: Share channel publicly 
5: People will upvote videos (In roadmap)
6: most views of channel and videos (In roadmap)
7. Share on social network (In roadmap)
8. Disquss comment in videos (In roadmap)
9. Private channel & share with it members only (In roadmap)
10. Channel admin and moderator ACL suppport (In Roadmap)

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Built With

  • Angular2
  • Boostwatch
  • theme
  • angular2-toaster
  • jQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • GitHub
  • SailsJS
  • MongoDB

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