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This prototype is intended to generate angular2 applications from UML diagrams.

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To put it short and simple:

  1. Develop a UML diagram.
  2. Implement it in A2Builder.
  3. See a little bit of Angular2 magic.
  4. Get your Angular2 application.
  5. Profit, you're awesome.

Note: Generation of Angular 2 application was not implemented fully. For the moment, only components are generated and puts to zip file.


Step by step:

  1. Drag empty component to Workspace
  2. Click on it
  3. Add component description
  4. Add fields and methods to your component, if necessary edit them
  5. Save components for reuse, if necessary
  6. Establish relationships between components by dragging component from it corners
  7. Download zip with your components

View the screencast:

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Starter Project

angular2-webpack - A complete, yet simple, starter for Angular 2 using Webpack.

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