My name is Amine, I'm from morocco, I like working solo :p

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it's the 'Bro App' from Silicon Valley the series, if you didn't understand, read the Description :D

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BroAttack is some sort of a social network where bros hang out, kidding, just post about their shitty job, or what not, yeah anything really, and in the other end of the wire are the bros that will bro you, how interesting, yeah... I know



my entry is pretty simple, the home page represents the hall of fame where you'll find the most popular posts of fellow bros, to explore new posts headout to the Explore page, if you want to be famous post something, it's easy headout to your profile page by clicking on the image or username in the upper right.

Browser Compatibility

I have tried running the webApp in chrome & Firefox, working just fine in both.

Built With

Tools Used

  • Icon pack by Icons8
  • Avatar Pictures by
  • Firebase
  • Angular 1.4
  • Bootstrap
  • Angular Material
  • Angular yo generator
  • Grunt
  • NPM
  • Bower
  • Moment.js

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