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Not So Grey

Extract colors from all your images with ease. A must have tool for a designer or developer.

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Not So Grey is an application based on the simple concept of finding the color codes of colors from our surrounding. The idea was conceived when I was trying to find an exact Hex code of a color present on a book cover. I really liked the color and wanted to use the exact shade in my web design project. The process for that was, well not so simple. And Not So Grey was born!


  • Head over to to checkout the website
  • This version has been only designed keeping in mind Google Chrome and resolutions of 1366x786 and above
  • Upon loading the website you are presented with the ability to drag and drop and image from your desktop or pick a sample image from the list
  • The tool will then analyze and pick the various dominant shades it finds.
  • Pick a shade and you'll be presented with a UI that allows you to copy the details of the color you selected along with the ability to customize further

Built With

  • Coffee (a whole lot of it) and Math :P
  • bootstrap
  • angular2 and related dependenies
  • underscore.js
  • code from w3schools for color management
  • vibrant.js
  • images from google
  • images from
  • code from fabric UI for progress
  • code from
  • a whole bunch of node and gulp libraries

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