We are a team of four programmers, enthusiastic about code in general and front end technologies in particular.

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MoneyTrakr makes money monitoring fun and easy.

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Gamification has significantly improved engagement in many sectors such as Q&A, Social networking, Ecommerce. MoneyTrakr tries to disrupt money management by introducing gamification in financial accounting. We use the following approach:

  1. Badges: MoneyTrakr analyses each transaction submitted by user and comes up with fun badges such as "Traveller", "Book Worm". Such badges are easy to remember and give a structure to user's expenditure. As a result, by looking at earned badge list, a user can quickly understand his/her expenditure preferences. These badges also act as a motivator to achieve goals in life.
  2. Financial Health Indicator: MoneyTrakr monitors user's assets, liabilities, expenses and budget to come with a single easy to understand indicator which describes user's financial health. This on the go indicator is easy to remember and can be refered to at a glance without running cumbersome reports.
  3. Financial Guide: MoneyTrakr guides a user towards meeting his/her financial goals by providing customized suggestions based on a user's transaction activity.

By introducing MoneyTraker we wish to make accounting easy and fun.


  1. Access http://onehitwonders.2016.angularattack.io.
  2. Start with a demo to understand the application by clicking "View Demo". Demo User is created with prepopulated data.
  3. After the demo, start the application as a fresh user by clicking "Let's get started"

The application supports all desktop browsers. We don't persist any data yet.

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