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Democracy is a open source voting portal built completely using client side angular 2. The backend data is stored in Firebase. The angular site is just a demo site of what "DEMOCRACY" can do. You can implement "DEMOCRACY" for your team by downloading it and setting it up with firebase

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Welcome to project DEMOCRACY


(After launching the project, i found a bug. On changing tabs, bar graph double counts. I cant make changes anymore. Please reopen the page in new tab if that happens)
PS I fixed this bug, but surge wont let me deploy it. You can checkout the fix at

DEMOCRACY project is the world's first open source "Voting" portal.

Why democracy is important?
  • Easier and faster resolution of team decisions.
  • Happier teams/communities as every one is heard.
  • Direct democracy in any organization/team/state will generate better and well rounded ideas, vs top down hierarchies.
Why project "democracy" ?
  • You dont have to rely on third party websites to create your polls. Just download and setup your voting portal.
  • Project "DEMOCRACY" is flat by design. What that means, is that no one has extra privileges like "admin", "poll creator" etc... There is only one role in project "DEMOCRACY", and that is a voter role.
  • Since project democracy is just a client side project, with the entire data stored in Firebase, there is no scope for corruption. Firebase rules ensure that no one can rig the vote.


As voter people inside a team can login and vote.

  • When you login the first time you get a quick UI tour. Go through that for various features UI tour

  • Click on add poll to create a poll (If you want to show results immediately after user vote, then check the box)

add poll

  • You will see the results as a bar graph


  • Democracy is fully responsive. You can create, vote and see results for your polls in your mobile phone phone phone-results

View the screencast:

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