Angular 2 Application with Firebase.

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This is Playing Card Game, a web application created in Angular2.

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This web application is a game. Where any user can simply login by name and can play the card. Shuffle card will give user the points and history will maintain which can be view later.(The arrangement of card can be view by History tab )

How it works? 1. This game is based on Matrix calculation of Image and numbers of the card. 2. Image will be spades, clubs, heart and diamond. 3. numbers will be 1 to 13 (Which represent Ace to king). 4. When you shuffle the card it will get re arranged which will calculate the numbers and percentage according to the matrix calculation. 5. The card with orange border color will be for 1 points. 6. The card with green border color will be for 2 points. 7. It can be play between multi players. They will just have to enter the name at home/login page. 8.Their is History tab which will show the list of all arrangement. This page is in synch with backed data base so it will push the new record on the fly. While you click on any record you will get back your arrangement.


After getting into you will have to enter your name which will take you to the dashboard page.Here you can play the cards by shuffling them.

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