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Raw data to Visualizations for everyone.

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ViZualiZe is a platform of data visualization scripts. Anyone can post scripts to the platform. When a script is posted, it will generate a report for a specific types of documents. When that is shared anyone can use that script to generate the same report from different data.

With ViZualiZe, raw data can be used to generate stunning reports with just few clicks. It is simple to use to any non-tech use as well. Simply upload the data and let ViZualiZe visualize it.

Visualize can be used somethings similar to iPython notebook or R notes where the operations are predefined but the data changes. This is a common pattern with data scientists and ViZualiZe will take it to general public.

ViZualiZe does not send data to remote servers. It download the script to run from internet and download it locally on the browser.

Sample use cases 1. Git log 2. Salesforce reports 3. Facebook Api responses 4. Twitter streams


Normal Users - Use Visualizations

Visit to browse different views available.

Select to view it

Enter the data to the input field

Share the visualization

Power users - Add Visualizations

Visit to create a new Visualization.

Paste in some sample data to begin with.

Select or Define a map function. Signature is the following.

function(emit, item){

You can add new entries to the pipe by calling emit with any data. For example,

// Input data is list of friends
Sam, Alex
Ann, Sam,
Alex, Kevin
function(emit, item){
    const [friend1, friend2] = item.split(',');
    // or conditionally emit
    // if (){ emit (somethings)}
    // you can emit things outside the array
    // emit([friend1, 1])
//will results in 

Select or Define a Reduce function. Signature is the following.



this will be the full array. This can be used to aggregate, manipulate the array.

Then comes the visualizer. That also have the same signature but the array is the results after reduce.



This can do the actual dom rendering.

Save the view for other to use.

View the screencast:

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