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Your Movie Portal

A one stop portal hub to help users to search for movies, view currently running movies, upcoming movies, read reviews and ratings for movies. All data is sourced from themoviedb.

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Your Movie Portal is an application to help users to:

  • Search for movies

  • View currently running movies

  • View upcoming movies

  • View popular movies

  • View top rated movies

  • Read reviews and ratings for movies

  • Organize movies into viewed, favorites and wishlist

Further enhancements:

As part of future release we plan to integrate with other external channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and provide more personalized features and integrate with social platforms like Facebook and Twitter and extend cross device and mobile support.


The Home page provides the following functionality:

  1. View currently running movies

  2. View upcoming movies

The Filters menu can be used to view:

  1. Top rated movies

  2. Most popular movies

Clicking on a movie provides more information on the movie and also other movies that are related.

It also allows you to organize movies into

  1. Favorites

  2. Viewed

  3. Wishlist

The Preferences menu can be used to view movies in your favorites, viewed and wishlist.

The search feature allows the user to search for international movies across the globe.

Application is currently supported only in Chrome, works fine in Firefox, IE 11 and Safari except for a minor glitch in searching for movies.


  1. HTML5 local storage has been used to store the user movie preference list.

  2. Advanced search functionality is not integrated yet :(

  3. All movie data is sourced using the movie database APIs and is constrained by their rate limitations.

  4. The first load of the application is a little slow (please give it a few seconds to load) but it works fine after that.

View the screencast:

Built With

  1. Angular 2
  2. Prime NG
  3. Bootstrap
  4. Fonts Awesome
  5. Local Storage
  6. Node.js
  7. Surge
  8. Sublime text
  9. Microsoft Visual code

All data is sourced from themoviedb.

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