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Spell SNAP!

An original real-time multiplayer word game, devised, designed and developed in less than 48 hours.

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The project is an online multiplayer word game. It is inspired by Scrabble but designed to be playable in real-time by loads of players at once. Each Player adds letters to the board contributing to create words. After placing a letter, they must wait 5 seconds before they can act again. The first player to claim (SNAP!) a completed words gets all the points for it - the longer the words, the more points. The game can be played competitively, collaboratively or just in a zen like state where you ignore the other players.


How To Play

  • Place Letters on the Grid to spell out words - you get one letter at a time
  • Letters can be placed alone on an * or next to letters where they could lead to a valid word
  • Complete words by placing an ! at the end - the longer the word the more points
  • Trash letters you can't use but with a small time penalty


  • Automatically join the same game as others from across the world
  • The board resets every 15 minutes, so score as many points before then as you can
  • The bar at the bottom shows what letters other players currently have, allowing you to be more tactical
  • Each browser tab is a new player connection, allowing you to test the multiplayer when no one else is around


  • There is an emergency button to restart the game if there is a problem or you don't want to wait 15 minutes for it restart
  • Anything else please contact me: [email protected]

Built With

  • The frontend is AngularJS 2 written in Typescript, hosted on Surge
  • The backend is a NodeJS server written in vanilla Javascript, hosted on Heroku
  • The two communicate via

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