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The hegemony of white male users is over. Uses AI to make your profile icon matching your skin type and gender. Now everybody has a matching icon for his or her account.

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Fitzpatrick uses AI to make a profile icon matching the person's

  1. Gender
  2. Skin type

It chooses one of these icons:

Icons of people

We use the Fitzpatrick scale for skin tones ranging from I (pale white) to VI (dark brown).

We aim our code at the developers who: * Have an icon for the profile or * Allow people to post anonymously

Whether you use Fitzpatrick or not, you're welcome to download our icons of people of various skin tones and genders. They are free with Good Boy License.



  1. Upload a photo of a person
  2. You'll get a matching icon.

How to use

If it's the wrong one, teach us the right one. We'll train the AI (although not immediately).

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