We are a group of 4 employees from SolutionStream. SolutionStream is a technology consulting company. We help companies create awesome solutions in JavaScript, C#, Java, PHP and many other languages.

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Using Github's api, we peak into repositories and show a radar chart of what times people are committing into a repo. We integrated with Auth0 (free) to allow users to look into private repositories that they have access to.

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We had a pretty big idea for what we wanted to build. We wanted to build a solution that would allow contractors and consultants to log work time and then see that time against their commits. This would help them quantify their work to their customers and even help remember what they have been working on. The problem with that, it was a little too big for a 48 hour hackathon. We knew this going in, but we still wanted a great start for a full product.

For the hackathon, we decided to build some awesome visualizations for Github. This would allow users to see what time of day most commits are entering their repos. It also allows them to see a leaderboard of who is putting in the most commits. We used our own tool as we built it to see who was committing the most and when people were working. It was incredibly fun to see our hackathon gamified right before our eyes.

I want to encourage everyone to look at their hackathon repo through our tool. You can see your top contributors and what times you worked most. We plan on continuing to develop our project long after the hackathon is done. We even began a bitbucket implementation, but just ran out of time before we were able to complete it.

We look forward to your feedback and comments.


In order to see your repository you will need your repository full name. This includes user (or org). For example, you could type in 'angular/angular.js'. Just typing 'angular.js' will not bring back results. If you are using browsers other than Safari you will see a drop down list of example repost that we have loaded. The best experience is on a desktop. We are responsive, but we haven't tested all sizes.

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