I've designed this original game Arithmetis one year ago.

Since then, I make my best to port the game to the most popular platforms: at this time, Android, Android TV and iOS.

This hackathon permitted to create a new port of the game for the web with Angular2, in 48h chrono.

Get the sources at https://github.com/rumblex/angularattack2016-arithmetis

All the versions: http://www.arithmetis.com

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Arithmetis is a puzzle game. You know when you start, not when you finish... (mobile & PC)

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An Angular2 port of the game Arithmetis : http://www.arithmetis.com .

It's just about simple arithmetic!

The goal is to write operations in the grid with the tiles available in the rack.

Any completed operation disappears from the grid to make room for the following.

You have a number of operations to complete by level, higher the level higher then number. And when you have completed all your lines, you still have to clear the grid...


At the first run, a demo is played. You can view it again from the menu.

Click the tiles at the bottom to select them, then click on the grid to place the selected tile.

You can make operations in all directions: left-to-right, up-to-bottom, right-to-left and bottom-to-top.

Possible operations are like : 0 + 1 = 1 /// 2 - 1 = 1 /// 2 1 = 2 1 /// 1 - 2 = 1 (rightto left) /// etc.

Also have a look at the screencast below: 9' of game up to the end of level 7.

If you connect with a Google Play Games account, your score will be saved.

Should work on all recent browsers (heavily tested in Chrome & Firefox). Should be more playable on mobile (heavily tested in Android).

View the screencast:

Built With


  • Angular 2
  • angular-cli




  • Google Play Game Services - web API

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