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Ever visited a city and wasted hours on trying to find the best spots? No more! Find Points of Interests based on data provided by Flickr.

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Ever visited a city and wasted hours over hours on trying to find the best spots? No more!

Hello Bacon-lovers, our app's purpose is to quickly find the greatest places in a certain area just by exploring it via a map (please be aware of the limited coverage. Check the info available in the app).

The app provides a simple overview of a region or city, showing which spots might be interesting for a visitor. To achieve this we used information provided by Flickr and analyzed them by extracting potential "hot zones" which we also call "Top Places". Additionally the information are visualized on a large map so you can directly plan your trip. Finally we even present you the most viewed photos in that area. This way you can get a small peak of what you could see at each of the places.

Country/ Regional restrictions

As of now we only have a limited coverage - Germany (complete) - Italy (complete) - Austria (most likely complete) - Switzerland (most likely complete) - Middle/Northern West Coast of USA and Canada (rather limited; E.g. try. Seattle, WA)

As it was not allowed to use payed hosting and given the fact that we only had 48 hours to build a crawler and fetch data it was not possible to provide a higher or even full world coverage. We also did not want to add additional regions after the contest ended in order to not accidentally violate the rules.


just run the web app and start exploring regions of interest (restrictions below apply). You can use the search to quickly jump to any supported location. After a few seconds you should see interesting places that lie withing or around your currently visible map part. On the right you will find the most interesting pictures (based on views) for the currently visible map extract (and slightly around). You can click either a location or an image. The latter one will place a marker on the coordinates where the picture was taken. Clicking on the left will take you to the "place" (e.g. a town district)

We tested mainly on chrome so you should use chrome if possible ;-)

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